Is Pinterest Really an Internet Marketing Goldmine?
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Let’s face it, Pinterest has been generating a lot of interest lately as the new, hip, and ultra-interesting addition to the social network scene. With statistics that have marketers all salivating, it is no surprise that many are trying to tap into this ‘goldmine’.

But you know what – for many it isn’t working.

The problem that internet marketers are having with Pinterest is that although its statistics are great, conventional methods of using social networks don’t work that well. In short, Pinterest is not Facebook, Google+, nor is it Myspace.

In Pinterest, the focus is more on the Pins that are put up, and less on the person who pinned them – which is the polar opposite of how most other social networks operate. Truthfully, it is a lot more like social bookmarks than social networks.

If you’ve checked out how these pins work, you’ll know that they consist of a fairly decent sized picture, and a small room for the description and comments. So here’s the problem: If you just put up a pin of a great post that you’ve written and with a beautiful picture – it may not work. The reason for that is simple: The picture needs to relate to the post and the Pin as a whole.

If you’ve written a brilliant post about internet marketing strategy and included an absolutely adorable picture of your new kittens – that’s great, and some readers may very well look at the kittens and think that they are cute, but then they’ll realize that the Pin has nothing to do with the picture and they’ll classify it as spam.

Most internet marketers do not focus too much on their visuals – which is a definite stumbling block when it comes to using Pinterest.

Anyway, the question is: Is Pinterest really an internet marketing goldmine, and the truth is that it certainly does have the potential to be. Unfortunately in order to harness that potential you’re going to have to think outside the box and tailor your Pins so that they attract the attention of the Pinterest community.

That isn’t going to be easy unless you happen to have a talent for visuals, because at the end of the day the first thing that anyone sees when browsing Pinterest is the picture that accompanies the Pin.

Before you jump in and try to cash in on this new wave, think about whether or not Pinterest is really something that you can use. If you aren’t able to create interest-generating Pins then you will find that your time is probably better spent on other avenues of marketing that are a little bit more within your comfort zone.

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